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TASHRA Workshop: Balancing Safety and Pleasure: Making ethical decisions when personal expression and professional boundaries collide

Clinicians are forewarned that dual relationships post dangerous threats to our clients’ safety, yet little is said about the ethics of “multiple relationships” in daily living, especially in sex positive communities. Our professional ethical codes tell us to be wary of either, yet these warnings do little to help us navigate more-complex interactions that clinicians have with personally-involved communities that we also may serve.

Clients are often drawn to work with kink-involved therapists because of shared-interests and anticipated resonance, yet there’s potential for dual/multiple relationships for the clinician. Clarity and ethical decision-making can assist the navigation of personal & professional identities in order to protect both clinician and client from harm.

Intensifying this, professional ethics statements offer little assistance when navigating professional and personal lives when clinicians serve clients with similar interests and identities.

This experiential 6 hour workshop on February 27th and 28th (both Sat and Sun from 9-12pm PST (12-3pm EST) will improve clinician’s understanding of boundaries and skills using various theoretical frameworks of ethical decision-making. Designed also as an opportunity to exchange ideas about some of the real life challenges experienced by those who are kink-identified or kink-allied.

Carrie Jameson, LCPC (Chicago, Il) and Anna Randall, LCSW, MPH, DHS (San Francisco Bay Area) are sex therapists who work with a wide variety of sexually diverse individuals and relationships. As educators, clinicians, community leaders, they assist clinicians in intersecting identities.

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