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Mormon sex therapist faces discipline and possible expulsion from the LDS Church

“Natasha Helfer, 49, who was raised by her parents in the LDS Church since she was 5 years old, has been a national face for mental health advocacy among Mormons. Nearly a decade ago, she wrote a blog post that caused waves across Mormonism where she declared masturbation is not a sin, and since then, she has attracted a wide audience especially among more progressive Mormons and ex-Mormons for her frankness around sex. She is facing discipline for charges of apostasy, or public dissent from church leaders. Such charges are rare and more common with members who are promoting polygamy, according to Taylor Petrey, a scholar of the history of gender and sexuality in contemporary Mormonism. However, there have been a few other high-profile apostasy cases in recent years, including against Kate Kelly, who advocated for the ordination of women in the church and was excommunicated in 2014.”