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Microsoft Pride: Making progress together

Support all relationships and families
“I’m a queer trans nonbinary woman, and I’m polyamorous: I have two partners. Polyamory and other forms of ethical non-monogamy are distinct from LGBTQI+ identities, but many queer people also make non-traditional chosen families. We love and support each other as much as any family, yet we’re stigmatized. Diverse relationship structures aren’t protected from discrimination. We’re excluded from legal, social, and medical rights – even those that cost nothing. If we have kids, we may be denied full rights as parents. And with a wave of anti-trans bills devastating youth and families, we have every reason to worry we’ll be doubly targeted. We need to connect with each other and allies to advocate through community groups. I founded and co-chair ENUM, Ethical Non-monogamy United at Microsoft, to connect our global community, raise awareness, and advocate inside the company. Let’s stand up for all relationships and all families, together.”
Aury, she/they
Microsoft employee