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The Generational Clash at Pride Is Actually a Sign of Progress

“When I covered the Queer Liberation March last year, I wrote about how it retained much of the vibrant party energy of a typical Pride—and didn’t forgo raunch. You could glimpse, amid effigies of Marsha P. Johnson and middle fingers raised toward NYPD officers, thongs, pup gear, makeouts, and bare breasts. Someone waved a sign that said ‘productive’ sex sucks!—a tidy slogan showing how carnality is at the core of Pride. The LGBTQ community, in its many permutations, defies the traditionalist idea that sex exists for procreation and should happen only between married men and women. Gay desire, the expression of trans and fluid identities, and asexuality each suggests different ideas of what a “productive” life looks like. Kink, the pursuit of pleasures that other people find strange, fits in that group neatly.”