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Can We Imagine A World Where Marriage Doesn’t Have To Mean Monogamy?

“As research, I spent a fair amount of time speaking with people in poly and open marriages. People who got married for similar reasons to why most get married, really: a nice day, stability in a world that’s unstable, love. In fact, some of the most inspirational stories I heard were ones where poly married people had found that opening up their marriage had in fact strengthened the primary partnership. Because it gave them space elsewhere to discuss the problems in their marriage. Because they didn’t feel that dreadful feeling of being tied down. Because they didn’t have to declare to the world that since they are now married they are no longer desirable. Because they had more sex. And because they felt what is known as compersion — a sort of good jealousy, one that makes you feel happy for your partner and makes you desire them more because someone else desires them too.”