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Sex Lives: A Nonbinary Person Living With Their Wife and Her Girlfriend

graphic of an eye, the side of a face and a mouth with lipstick
About six months later, after talking with my wife about sex and sexuality so much, we decided to open up our relationship. So now we are in a polyamorous relationship. She has a girlfriend. She’s no longer open. So she just likes me and her girlfriend and they don’t want anybody else. I am still open personally. For the longest time I was like, “I basically just want friends with benefits, like people that I could get to know and hang out with and have fun with but then maybe have sex with.” But then I had a girlfriend for a little while—we didn‘t break up for any reason other than her personal mental health. As of right now am I looking for a serious girlfriend/boyfriend situation? No. But, you know, I said that shit last time.”