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Some Men Have a Kink for Being ‘Forced’ to Be Bisexual

a domme pulling on the leash of a kneeling man, with her high heeled boot on his back
“The kink may be called forced bi, but if you’re doing it correctly, no one is being forced to do anything. Forced bi is a form of consensual non-consensual play, often referred to as con non-con or CNC among kinksters. In a forced bi scene, the submissive partner consents to the dominant partner “forcing” them to perform various sex acts, with a mutual understanding that play can stop at any time with use of a safe word. (The safe word should be something random and non-sexual, since the submissive saying “no” may be part of his “protest” against partaking in same-sex activities.) As with any time you’re playing out a BDSM scene, you have to discuss boundaries and expectations ahead of time and provide aftercare once the scene is complete.”