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My Therapist Recommended I Get Back Into BDSM

“As it turns out, if you search ‘BDSM’ and ‘borderline’ online you find plenty of personal accounts from borderline submissives and even research attesting to a higher interest in sadomasochism among women with BPD. This isn’t presented neutrally – rather, in the scant research on the subject, sadomasochism is framed as a ‘disorder’ despite no longer being classed as a mental illness in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the handbook used by psychiatrists in the US and worldwide to classify mental illness). But whether or not an interest in BDSM is seen as a BPD stereotype, I was suddenly onto a new line of thought: how do I change these unhealthy coping mechanisms for a healthier version, one which might give me some relief from emotions rather than force myself to sit in pain and do nothing?”