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Incident Reporting & Response – 4th Quarter 2022 Report

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By Susan Wright, Director of IRR

NCSF’s Incident Reporting & Response received 51 reports & requests for assistance from individuals, groups and businesses in October, November and December, 2022. That is a 36% decrease compared to the 79 reports NCSF received in the 3rd Quarter of 2022, and is exactly the same as the 51 reports NCSF received in the 2nd Quarter of 2022.

NCSF maintains the confidentiality of those who come to us for help, however we balance that need with the need to report the services we are providing and to provide the community with a record of where the need is the greatest.

Here is a breakdown of the cases we dealt with in the 4th Quarter of 2022:


There were 23 requests for resources and information involving criminal legal matters, compared to 22 in the 3rd Quarter of 2022:  The reports include:

  • 19 reports came from people who were assaulted, sexually assaulted, stealthed, stalked, recorded without consent, threatened and obtained an order of protection (2 of the people who were reported were community organizers)
  • 1 person reported being scammed online
  • 1 person needed a criminal defense attorney
  • 1 report was about public records on someone who was arrested for assault
  • 1 report came from someone who has an order of protection against them


Resources were requested by 15 organizations and people who are dealing with groups, compared to 36 requests in the 3rd Quarter of 2022. The reports include:

  • 5 groups asked for a consultation on their consent policies & procedures
  • 4 groups were asking about attendees/presenters/organizers or reporting they had banned someone
  • 4 groups needed assistance with DEI and accessibility issues
  • 1 group needed assistance in setting up a club
  • 1 group reported shadow-banning of kinks on FetLife


There were 4 requests regarding professionals compared to 8 in the 3rd Quarter of 2022:

  • 2 people needed referrals for a KAP therapist
  • 1 professional reported they were deplatformed by EventBrite
  • 1 professional needed referrals for KAP training


There were 4 reports compared to 6 in the 3rd Quarter of 2022:

  • 1 person reported they were outed on FetLife
  • 1 person reported they were outed and lost their job
  • 1 group reported that a former leader outed their members
  • 1 person reported they were accused of outing and doxing


There were 4 reports compared to 3 in the 3rd Quarter of 2022:

  • 2 people reported threats of being sued for defamation after speaking out about consent violations
  • 1 person needed a KAP attorney for a work visa
  • 1 person needed assistance with job discrimination due to being kinky

Child Custody

There was 1 request for resources and referrals for family court attorneys, compared to 3 in the 3rd Quarter of 2022:

  • 1 parent reported child custody issues due to polyamory