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Naughty Revival

Conference in MN with education, play space, entertainment, shopping and an NCSF fundraiser!


Visit the NCSF table at SouthEast Leatherfest, and attend Bebe's consent workshop to learn more about Explicit Prior Permission!

NYC Pridefest

Sunday June 26, 11AM to 6PM Eastern Visit the NCSF booth  on E12th, immediately West of 4th Avenue!

Virtual NCSF Consent to Kink Workshop for Albany Power Exchange (APEX)

First there was SSC, then RACK, now… EPP - Explicit Prior Permission for consent to kink! The NCSF’s Consent Counts project has succeeded in decriminalizing BDSM in the new Model Penal Code on Sexual Assault, which was approved in June 2021. This new legal framework is groundbreaking because BDSM, even …

TES Fest

Visit the NCSF table at TES Fest!

Consent Fest

Attend NCSF's Consent workshop at 3:30 Pacific!

Show Me Leather

Visit the NCSF table at Show Me Leather and get all your questions answered!