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Guest Blog: Christopher Kirk & Safeword Tax Service

Kink Aware Professionals Featured Member

By Inara de Luna, Guest Blogger

We’ve started a new series here on the NCSF blog. We will be speaking with a selection of professionals from our Kink Aware Professionals Directory to understand a little more about them and the work they do, specifically in regards to how that work can benefit you, our audience.

So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to our very first KAP Featured Member, Christopher Kirk of Safeword Tax Service.

Christopher Kirk is the founder and principal of Safeword Tax Service, a tax return preparation service in Berkeley, California. Christopher has been licensed as an attorney since 2000, and has focused on business and tax matters.

Through Safeword Tax Service, Christopher provides high-quality tax return preparation services to individuals and small businesses in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Christopher is proud to work with members of alternative communities, including pro-dommes, exotic dancers, burlesque performers, kink retailers, sex-positive professionals, sex educators, polyamorous families, and LGBT individuals and couples.

NCSF: We love the name of your business. How did you come up with that?

Christopher Kirk (CK): My former business partner and I wanted to serve the communities we’re in—she is LGBT, and I’m in the kink scene.

We both noted that these communities are woefully underserved by tax professionals, who either have prejudices against alternative communities, or are not knowledgeable about the issues faced by members of those communities.

By using the term Safeword in our name, we signal, in a humorous way, that we are able to help clients with a process that is sometimes scary and difficult.

NCSF: What made you register on the Kink Aware Professionals Directory?

CK: I’ve been aware of the KAP list for some time, and concluded that it would be a good way to get the name Safeword Tax Service out as a resource for kinky taxpayers.

NCSF: Why do you think it’s important for members of the kink community to have a kink aware professional do their taxes?

CK: In some instances, the nature of the client’s business/work demands it. If a person has a business making or selling BDSM equipment, working as a pro-domme, or operating a dungeon, they run the risk of encountering negative attitudes as soon as they walk in the door of many vanilla financial professionals.

For members of the kink community generally, I believe it’s important for the client to feel comfortable with their tax professional; knowing that their tax professional is in their community can help establish that comfort level.

NCSF: Can you talk a bit about the most common services you offer?

CK: I provide tax planning, return preparation, and advocacy (audit/collection defense) services.

NCSF: What’s the most important thing a kinky person should know or do in regards to their taxes or finances in general?

CK: For professionals, the most important thing is to report all of your income, irrespective of the nature of the income. Al Capone did not go to prison for murder, bootlegging, or the like; he went to prison for tax evasion.

NCSF: Do you also offer services to polyamorous people? How can you help poly families with their taxes?

CK: Yes, I do. Poly families often face unique issues with regard to home ownership, allocation of child tax credits, claiming head of household status, and other issues, which can be difficult to navigate.

Safeword Tax Service is located in Berkeley, CA, and can be reached in several different ways:

Phone: 510-992-4142

Email: or


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