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NCSF Thanks You!

2021 1st Quarter Donation Report

NCSF thanks James Dunyak, NCSF’s New England Advocate, for donating $600 to the NCSF Foundation from January to March, 2021.

Thank you to the Holy Fire Conference for donating $500 in January.

NCSF thanks the Old Dominion Chapter of the Red Dragon Riding Club for donating $250 in January.

Thank you to Kaleidoscope of Western NY for donating $135 to NCSF in December 2020. To raise this donation, KWNY worked with the owners of the Oxbow Campground in Westfield NY who allowed the use of their eighty-acre property to have a safe, socially distanced event. We would also like to credit The Jamestown Area Kink Society, Masters and slaves Together (MAsT), and The Wolf Pack of Franklin, Pennsylvania for their help in collecting and organizing donations for the auction that was held.

Thank you to Alfred Nonny Mouse for donating $100 to NCSF in March.

NCSF thanks John & Kristine Grigas for donating $100 to NCSF in April.

Thank you to Suffolk County Kinksters Events (SCK Events), a Coalition Partner, for donating $50 to NCSF in January.