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How Polyamory Saved me from the Lingering Trauma of an Abusive Relationship

graphic of a couple holding hands with hands on each of their shoulders
“In the last 7 years, I’ve realised that this is equally applicable to platonic relationships. I no longer compartmentalise my relationships in boxes. I no longer feel the need for constant re-assurance, romantic or otherwise. Which isn’t to say that I’m indifferent, but that I can now let emotions just exist and take their own course. I still don’t date much, for that was never really the reason for me to explore polyamory, but looking back, polyamory has done way more for me than to just let me explore different connections. It has redefined love for me, it has made me more secure as I now realise that it’s impossible to be non-monogamous without having enough strength in the fundamental structures that constitute relationships. More importantly, it’s made me realise that it is not only possible to breathe but also to grow in love.”