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Diversity Moment

From the Board of Director’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Expectations

Every month, a Board Member will be tasked with providing additional educational opportunities at the Board meeting by discussing the info they have posted in the Board Forum that highlights a diversity issue (e.g., Ted Talks, books, interviews, resources, data) from our personal experience. 

Diversity speaks to the leadership’s representation within an organization or entity that is representative of the multitude of identities and lived experiences of our society. Diversity is not about meeting a quota and it is about curating a collective of people that can give voice to the nuanced needs and perspectives of all.

These are our stories

  • July, 2021 Diversity Moment: SK
    Growing up as a first/second generation North American has come with its challenges. Although she was born in Southeast Asia, my mother was raised here while my father only arrived in North America for their wedding at 30 years of age. The culture clashes in my childhood home were major and inevitable. Fights about what ...