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Guest Blog: Get Better Life Results Using Erotic Blueprint Communication

Guest post by Anne More, Licensed Erotic Blueprint Coach –

The Erotic Blueprints™ are amazing for transforming our sex lives – and they are about so much more than sex!

They helped me know and love myself as I am (a big Shapeshifter™!)

After working with them daily for over two years, here is what I know: they are about radical acceptance of our true selves. They can be incredibly powerful tools in every area of our lives.

The more I know and understand my Blueprint, the more I can release shame and judgment about myself… and the more I can be fully present in my life and with others.

Being fully present has expanded my ability to:

  • See and be seen by others
  • Be in the moment
  • Be in my body rather than stuck in my head with negative self-talk, worry, or future thinking
  • Create a deeper connection, get better results and bring more mindfulness and presence to all areas of your life with these 7 practices to incorporate Erotic Blueprints into communication style

1) Use your knowledge of the Erotic Blueprints™ to see others as they are in all their unique magic.

If you’re in a relationship, begin with your partner.

What way is your partner different from you?

If your partner is a different Blueprint Type than you, they may have different turn-ons, or find pleasure differently than you.

Get curious about what truly inspires arousal and passion in them and try giving it to them how they like it!

Instead of getting frustrated, how can you celebrate those differences?

2) Practice celebrating Blueprint magic out in the world

Honor everyone in their pure expression of themselves.

For example, when you’re behind someone in a line at a restaurant taking time and slowing things down because they need their meal to be just right, do you get aggravated?

Perhaps instead you can recognize they may be a Sensual Blueprint™, and you can accept, embrace, and celebrate that they know exactly what their body needs and take delight in their specificity?

When you’re with a Sexual Blueprint™, who wants certainty in planning a get-together, can you honor them with a clear ‘Yes’ or a grounded ‘No’?

When you’re with an Energetic Blueprint™ who needs lots of space and time to process a new idea, can you give them that space with love and patience?

Can you do this with friends? Family members? How does this shift how you see them?

Notice how this practice feels in your body. How does it change how you honor and accept your own needs?

3) Be yourself, as you are, in your own unique expression of your Erotic Blueprint

Discover how your body works and responds in its own particular way.

Relax into knowing and that this is a wonderful thing!

Celebrate your own quirky, beautiful ways: light a candle to your uniqueness. Dance your own awesomeness. Toast to the wonder that is you just the way you are.

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