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NCSF Media Activity Report – 2022

The PR Committee manages NCSF’s social media by building awareness about NCSF and providing education about our projects and consent to enhance our presence and be more effective at broadcasting our information. The PR Committee falls under the Media Outreach Program which does media advocacy for kink and non-monogamy groups, events and individuals on request. The PR Committee meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:30 Eastern.

The PR Committee held a Media Training for its volunteers on May 31st, engaged in a social media strategizing session in October, and spent the year updating and creating new sections on social media in our Policy & Procedures. In addition:

  • We created a Landing space on
  • We added our Social Media platforms to our Press page
  • We added a Support Button for direct fundraising to our social media platforms
  • We bought a social media management system so that our Media Updates could automatically be posted on our social media from our Blog
  • We created a TikTok account for NCSF
  • We created small business cards with QR codes to Join NCSF and Donate to NCSF
  • We added our Awareness Months/Days and a few select holidays to the NCSF Calendar
  • We created Sponsor Logos to post on our Donate page that celebrates our large donors
  • We created a Poster of our Kissing Leathermen photo for Prides and Folsom Street Fair



We created a nonprofit Canva account to help with creating infographics. Erica, our Social Media Director, created 16 new Consent Infographics that we posted with our Consent Signs. We also created infographics about Explicit Prior Permission and for our Promos, including:


We created Consent videos to post on TikTok and Instagram, with Swing Nation and the Swingers Society (both Coalition Partners) creating additional consent videos on TikTok. In addition:


NCSF staff members gave 25 interviews to media outlets and podcasts in 2022, compared to 17 in 2021 and 24 interviews in 2020. This included:


In 2022, NCSF published 113 Media Updates (84 about CNM, 39 about Kink and 10 sex-positive), 4 Quarterly newsletters, 49 announcements, and 4 Allies posts including:

Guest Blogs

NCSF posted 4 Guest Blogs in 2022 including:

Social Media

NCSF’s social media stats at the end of 2022:

  • NCSF announcement list on Constant Contact – 7,062 contacts
  • Facebook – 5,927 people like our page and 6,700 people follow us
  • Twitter – 11,200 followers (posting paused until Twitter Guidelines established)
  • NCSF News on FetLife – 6,569 members
  • Consent Counts on FetLife – 3,064 members
  • Instagram – 2,500 followers
  • TikTok – 1,033 followers